Best Slow-Feeder Cat Bowls [Buying Guide Included]

Does your pet cat get super excited as soon as you pour food in its bowl and want to chug all that food in one go? That's exactly what my cat does, and I know what to do.

First, let's talk about how eating too quickly affects the health of cats. Overeating can result from eating meals too quickly, but it also has its own problems. The fast pace at which some cats eat can have a negative effect on their digestion. Since they eat in several slurps, they are at risk of choking or puking. 

Top of the list?

A large amount of unchewed food can also cause the development of a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.  However, Cat owners should know the best ways to prevent their cat from vomiting in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Cats that consume too much food too quickly can also suffer from gastrointestinal inflammation. Some cats may exhibit aggressive or excessive food protection behavior when another animal or person appears while they are munching.

List of the best slow-feeding cat bowls

It is important that you take action to stop your cat from misbehaving before it's too late. Slow-feeder cat bowls proved to be the most helpful for me when it came to my little furry friend. Below are a few products that were very helpful:

Slowpoke Bowl

This one was on my bucket list for a super long time, and I still wonder why I waited so long to buy it. It is the one that helped my little kitty the most. 

Slowpoke bowl is designed with meal-lengthening ridges, which slow down cats while eating by 10%. Not only that, but this amazing bowl also helped my pet’s bloating and puking. 

The design of this product challenges and entertains your cat while also minimizing overeating behaviors. It is perfect for cats and is also quite helpful for dogs.

With its non-slip base, your pet can focus on food while having fun along with scavenging through the colorful designs of this bowl. This pet dish can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Consequently, you will have more time to play with your pet since you have done less work. Shop now and save your time to enjoy yourself with your kitty!


  • A lot of styles and color options
  • Prevents puking, overeating, and choking
  • Guaranteed results
  • Easy cleaning


  •  Plastic can be damaged if chewed on


Pinwheel Dispenser Toy

Pinwheel dispenser toys are another great product for slowing down your greedy cat. It is an appealing item that keeps your cats entertained and helps them to enjoy their mealtime. 

The Pinwheel Dispenser Toy was created by a team of professional toy designers. For that reason, it's not only entertaining to interact with but also enhances your pet's intelligence. I can watch my cat play with this product happily all day.

It is a creative new method to treat your pets! It also enhances the IQ of your little furry creature; what else would a cat keeper need? 

With many colors available for the item and an innovative design, your pet will surely be going to love it as mine did. While keeping them entertained for hours, this unique product has undoubtedly become the most desirable on the market. Buy now and make your pet smarter!


  • Entertaining for pets
  • Available in a lot of colors
  • Helpful in improving the IQ of pets
  • Helpful in relieving pet anxiety


  • Appropriate for only dry cat food


Advanced Mealtime Pal

It is also a great item that can help your pet eat slowly. This snacking buddy features a built-in clever infrared sensor that stops automatically when the bowl fills up to a particular level, preventing food from spilling. 

Your pet will be given a certain amount of food at certain times throughout the day, according to your set settings. The settings can be adjusted so that tiny portions are given to the pet several times during the day to stop the pet from overeating. 

It is important for you to understand how often you should feed a cat, even if it asks for more! This product will help the pet learn not to get greedy for food. Get it now before it’s too late!


  • Automatic bowl filling
  • Voice recording option
  • Customizable settings
  • Built-in sensor


  • We do not have a lot of color options
  •  Pricey

How To Find The Best Slow Feeding Bowls For Your Cat?

When buying a feeding bowl for your cat, there should be a few things that you need to keep in mind and take care of.

Material Of Feeding Bowl

Your feeding bowl may be made of plastic or ceramic. The best thing about the ceramic ones is that they remain stable while the cat is eating because of the heavyweight of the container.

Moving bowls while the cat is eating may be annoying to them. Slow-eating bowls usually require the cats to do some work with their legs and paws. Therefore it is important to buy a heavily weighted bowl. 

Even if you choose the plastic one, it should have silicon or anti-skid base, thus refraining from tipping over.

Entertaining And Challenging

The slow feeding bowl should be entertaining and challenging for your furry friend. The more challenges the kitten has to face, the more tired it will get and will stop eating after eating a little. Ultimately you will succeed in making it eat slower.

The Best Design For The Type Of Food,

Another thing you would want to keep in mind while finding the best slow-eating bowl for your pet is looking at whether your selected item is suitable for wet or dry food.

Since some products are designed only for dry food and others only for wet, it is important to check-in details before purchasing.


With a lot of cats becoming obese and ultimately dying in the past, these newly designed slow feeder cat bowls are indeed a great discovery of today. These dishes offer a variety of conveniences to every cat. 

Modifying your hairy friend's dish can make a huge impact if it is overweight or vomits due to excess eating at a time. These products are in different price ranges, so you can try these dishes to see if your pet gets benefits from them. 

You must make sure to buy the right bowl for them; therefore, they can enjoy their food along with getting entertained.












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