Best Way To Prevent Your Cat From Vomiting

If your cat is a frequent victim of gastrointestinal diseases like vomiting, indigestion, etc., then we think it's time for you to shift your kitty to an elevated cat bowl. While there can be many reasons for your cat's digestive disorder, the most common of them, which most people tend to ignore, is the eating and drinking of your cat from a simple, non-elevated bowl.


What's the Harm in Eating From the Ground?

Unlike an elevated cat bowl, when your kitty stoops and bends down to start eating from a ground-level feeder, This puts a lot of strain on your their back and neck and causes the stomach to compress which leads to bloating. Due to this and certain other reasons such as poor posture, discomfort, indigestion, and vomiting, pet owners are switching to elevated food bowls as recommended by veterinarians.


What Are The Benefits Of Elevated Bowls?

Elevated food or water bowls are moderately raised off the floor, to accommodate your pet's height and achieve potential health benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you get by switching to a raised food bowl.

  • Better posture Eating in a traditional bowl encourages your kitty to adopt a posture that involves stretching the neck and flexing the front legs. Bending over a food bowl causes his spine to curve and this poor posture can lead to backache and neck pain. Senior pets are more likely to get affected because of the underlying health issues they might be facing such as arthritis, joint and muscular pain. A poor posture will put a strain on their joints which worsens the condition and might cause permanent damage. Similarly, obese pets put their whole weight on their front legs and they may struggle with their joint health. Mira bowl has been designed to tackle all these problems. Our combined double bowls are designed with a tilt that improves posture when eating. Your pet feels comfortable and enjoys feeding time without risking his health.


  • Helps with indigestion. Indigestion is a common problem in cats. It is a lesser-known fact that the positioning of the bowl is a major factor that contributes to indigestion. When eating from the ground height, it compresses the digestive tract of your pet especially the stomach and esophagus. This impairs the digestive process and triggers indigestion. Physical symptoms of indigestion include bloating, nausea, and loss of appetite. Pets get full quickly and are likely to swallow air that can make them bloat. When the bowl is not high enough some dogs may lay down immediately after eating which causes problems with digestion.


    So, Should I Elevate my Cat's Bowl?

    Yes! After understanding why eating from the ground is harmful to your cat's digestive health, you should definitely elevate your cat's drinking and eating bowls. 

    In fact, to save you from the hassle of choosing the best and most suitable elevated cat bowls among many different options available, we recommend the Mira Bowl

    This masterpiece of Mirapets is here to cater to all your needs. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use elevated bowl that allows your cat to eat to its fill without putting any strain on its neck, stomach, or back. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price considering it is a double-type elevated cat bowl and has a lot more benefits in its arsenal to offer:

    It's Exactly What Senior Cats Need

    The older your cats get, the more useful this product becomes for them. As we all know, when cats get older, their muscles and joints weaken. They do not function the way they used to. Some cats end up having arthritis, which prevents them from putting much pressure on their joints.

    It becomes a lot difficult and stressful for your cat to bend itself to the ground in this situation. Therefore, by switching to an elevated cat bowl, you not only save your kitty from this trouble but also make mealtime more enjoyable and comfortable.


    Prevent  A Huge Mess

    Yes, you heard it right. When it comes to the benefits of buying Mira Bowl, cats aren't the only ones getting them. Considering the height of Mira Bowl, it becomes pretty difficult for cats to either fiddle with food or spill them entirely.

    So, with having an elevated cat bowl at your bay, you can say goodbye to food wastage and say hello to saving time and money.


    At the End of the Day, Cat Food is Edible and Free From Contamination

    Another feather that the Mira bowl has under its cap is preventing food contamination. Elevated feeders are less prone to bacteria, germs, and dust, thus fewer chances of food spoilage than ground feeders. 

    As Mira bowl isn't placed on the ground, there aren't any chances of bugs or insects crawling into the feeder, wasting your beloved cat's meal.

    After going through the benefits of elevated food bowls, you must have decided to buy one for your kitty. But do you know that buying the right thing from the right place is the key?

    When it comes to the best manufacturers, Mirapets have their unique place in manufacturing the supreme quality and durable food bowls that are up to the mark and can make your fellow more comfortable and content in no time. At Mirapets, we are giving a hundred percent money-back guarantee if you don't find our product up to the mark. So, what's the wait? Order Now!

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