Can Dogs Eat Pomegranates? Here is all that you need to know

Dogs are of utmost importance in the life of a person. If you own a dog, you should take care of it as much as you can. Dogs are our real best friends, and we can never let anything happen to them. 

Caring about the food of dogs is the vital responsibility of the owner. However, sometimes, it gets complicated to decide what to give to your dog and whatnot. We never want our dogs to vomit or feel sick. 

In this article, we have shared the answer to your question if dogs can eat pomegranates or not. 

So, what is the wait for?

Let us find the answers we have been looking for. 

Is Pomegranate Fatal For Dogs?

Most of the dog owners, usually most minors, care about the food of their pets. If a particular food is nutritious for humans, providing the same nutrition for dogs and other animals is unnecessary. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that we do our proper research before giving any food to our dogs. 

As far as pomegranates are concerned, the seeds of the pomegranate fruit are not as harmful to dogs as some other foods. Dogs will rarely find eating pomegranate seeds and finding it hard to digest. 

What Happens To Dogs After Eating Pomegranates?

If a dog ingests a pomegranate's seed by mistake, the chances are that the dog might end up suffering from nausea or diarrhea. Pomegranates contain tannins. Tannins are widely known as a component causing indigestion and vomiting in pets. 

Warning: You should be very careful when you are peeling off a pomegranate. If the peel of this fruit is left and eaten by a dog, it could result in severe illness for your pet. As the peel of pomegranates is poisonous and can be highly hazardous to a dog. With that being said, whenever you peel off some pomegranates for your snack, be very cautious of throwing away the peel in the dustbin and not leaving it over the slap. 

Can Dog Food Have Pomegranates?

Some dog foods found in the market contain pomegranate as an active ingredient. At the same time, most people consider this fruit a not-so-healthy source of food for a dog. On the contrary, exclusively made food for dogs contains this ingredient. 

Sounds confusing?

Well, it is subjective to how your dog's digestive system works. If your dog's veterinary doctor finds it suitable to incorporate pomegranates in its diet, then there is nothing to worry about. Surprisingly, we have also seen some dog foods containing the peel of a pomegranate. Make sure that you don't get confused between these two ingredients. Always reconsider buying any food item containing pomegranate peel. It could result in some severe issues for your dog which you never want to face. 

On the whole, we would not recommend you to let your dog eat a pomegranate. It is difficult to digest and won't suit your dog, resulting in some unhappening vet consultations. Although, if your dog does not find eating pomegranate to be difficult to digest, go for it!

Is Pomegranate Affecting My Dog?

Are you confused if your dog has got its hands on pomegranate or its peel? Well, there could be some visible symptoms that you can see if your dog has eaten a pomegranate or not. Just don't let your dog move away from your site for a few hours. Keep a strict check on them. Make sure that they drink a lot of water. 

Water could prove to help remove the pomegranate from your pet's throat. If your dog does well even after eating a pomegranate, remove all your worries. It depends on the stomach digestion process of your dog. Similar to a human being system. Some people find it easy to digest certain food items quickly, while others don't. The same is the case with animals, specifically dogs. 

Finding It Difficult to Take Care of Your Dog?

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Should I Call A Doctor?

Own concern is to ensure that our dogs are safe even if they eat a pomegranate. We expect your dog to stay healthy even after ingesting pomegranates. However, if you see some severe signs, make sure that you call your dog's vet right away. Following are some of the symptoms that should never be ignored when your dog eats a pomegranate. 

If your dog starts vomiting or finds it hard to breathe, it is time that you call a vet and get your dog checked as soon as possible. Don't delay a check-up. Dogs should never be explicitly ignored when it is about your dog's health. Don't worry about your dog eating a pomegranate and staying fine. It would not be harmful to them if they could digest it well. We wish your dog good health. 

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