Dog Massage: 10 Crazy Ways Without Getting Bit

Dogs are the best friends ever! Their wagging tail and smiley face never fail to lift your spirits, no matter how traumatized you are.

It's impossible not to smile when they're around, even when things are tough. Therefore, their health and comfort should be your top priority!

Like you, your dogs experience pain, aches, stiff necks, and tight hamstrings as they age and long for a massage. Don't forget to give them one to prevent this from happening and relieve your pet's pain. 

Here's how you can massage your dogs without hurting them, just like a pro!

Why is Massage Crucial?

Massaging your dog can have innumerable benefits.

Are you wondering what those benefits could be?

Well, massaging a dog with anxiety can relieve stress as nothing can!  So, for the next time, if a thunderstorm, loud noise, or maybe a glimpse of a cat makes your fluffy puppy stressed out, give it a massage, and your canine companion will be back to normal in no time.

Furthermore, massage can mitigate pain and swelling and is great in healing wounds. Moreover, it can improve blood circulation and facilitates better breathing. In addition, massaging a dog with arthritis can have miraculous results.  You can also become aware of swelling and inflamed areas through massaging.

After going through all the tremendous benefits of massage stated above, you must have decided to give it a try. So, let's walk deeper into the things to know more about the correct techniques of massaging!

How to Safely Massage Your Dogs

1.Carry out the Massage Session During the Peaceful Time of the Day

Now, when you have planned to massage your cuddly companion, it would be best to accomplish it during the most peaceful time of the day, for instance, after dinner or at the end of the day.

The best part?

It is because, during this time of the day, you and your pup are in the most relaxed state of mind, and your dog can tranquilize under your touch, much better enhancing the effectiveness of the massage therapy.

Let me tell you that a massage session displeases your dog if done at a time when it is anxious or worked up for any reason. So, the best solution is to wait till the time your pup is calm again!

2. Selection of a Comfortable Place

Always go for a comfortable, safe, and tranquil place when it comes to massaging your dog! It can go a long way in making your massage more relaxing.

You can make your dog sit on its favorite bed while getting your fellow the toys it cherishes the most. Meanwhile, eliminate all the unnecessary distractions, including noise and open windows, to make the environment more comforting and serene.

Hide the food bowls of your pup as well.  By doing so, your canine partner will sit peacefully much longer than you think!

3. Calm and Relax Yourself and Your Fellow

Are you aware of the fact that your loyal companion can pick up on your energy? It means that if you are stressed, your dog will become stressed too! You don’t want this to happen to your dog. Do you?

So, take a deep breath and relax! Remember that your dog follows you.

Your dog must be in a submissive and calm state while you begin with the massage. If it is fearful and anxious, your massage can reinforce that particular mental state again. So, do a little more coaxing to make your canine partner chill out, and you are good to go!

4. Start with Gentle Petting

Begin your massage by gently petting your fellow all over its body. Petting makes your furry friend even more calm and relaxed. Meanwhile, you can also have a conversation with your dog in a soft tone. Are you wondering about the reason for doing so?

Well, it can significantly help your dog to distress and boost its mood! 

5. Massage the Neck

Use your fingertips to massage your dog's neck in a circular motion gently. Go for bigger strokes for a large dog and use more minor strokes for a pup. With the help of flat palms, move slowly, pressing against your fellow's skin.

Be gentle, so you don't end up hurting your dog instead of making it relaxed!

6. Move down Towards Shoulders

Using the long sweeping movements, massage the shoulders but be cautious that you don’t press too hard on the joints or bones.

Always use gentle pressure and spend a little bit more time on your fellow's favorite point, shoulders, as your dog can't reach them. So, go ahead and increase its pleasure time!

7. Massage the Legs, Chest, and Back

Massage down to the chest using gentle circular motions to make the process enjoyable. Then, slowly move towards the back and massage on either side of the spine going through the base of your dog’s tail to stimulate relaxation. In addition, massaging a dog with back pain can help it get rid of that pain.

End up massaging your dog's legs if your loyal friend likes it to be done without flinching. You can also alleviate its legs to reduce joint stiffness. All these steps are what you have to do, and you are done with the massage!

8. Monitor Your Dog’s Reaction While Massaging

While doing the massage, have a deep analysis of your dog's reaction. If it runs away or bites your hands and starts growling, stop doing the massage and better wait till the point your canine fellow is serene.

If your dog yelps or you notice any physical discomfort, discontinue your massage session right away! It is not safe to take risks at all.

9. Make Grooming Session a Part of Your Massage Routine

Do you know the best time to groom your dog?

It is when your dog is calm and relaxed! So, if your dog enjoys the massaging session and this process makes your fellow tranquil and comfortable, you can cherish this opportunity to pair it with a groom session to make your dog feel loved, healthy, and content.

For the grooming of your four-legged fellow, cut down the nails in case they are long with the help of a nail grinder. Moreover, you can use a grooming vacuum brush to get rid of loosely bound or extra hair for a neater look. Additionally, clean your dog's paw. You are thinking how difficult it is? You can do it with utmost ease using a paw cleaner!

In the end, don’t forget to comb your dog’s hair to make your already beautiful fellow even more pretty!

10. Use Massage Tools

All of us know that massage tools can do wonders!

They make the massaging process handy, easier, and more rewarding. Moreover, you can save a big chunk of your time while adding more comfort and delight to your dog’s massage.

Always go for massaging tools such as self-grooming pet brushes. It can help do a gentle massage and comb much effectively without leaving any scratches on the skin. What else do you want?

Massaging your dog can serve multiple purposes! It not only leads to a stronger bonding between you and your companion, but it also has numerous health benefits. So, once you get back home, give your dog a gentle massage and see the magic!

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