How Long Can Cats Go Without Water

For any cat lover, the amazing sight of cute little kittens enjoying and splashing water around is the best sight ever! Ever wondered, just as they love playing in the water, do they love to drink it as well? The answer to this is MAYBE!

Did you know? Their water intake must be closely monitored, and for this, you must be aware of the average water requirement per day. Unlike our pet dogs, cats surprisingly require less water per day, so they can survive a little longer without water than dogs. Hence they are nonetheless at risk of being dehydrated before dogs. At times, they may not even know they are thirsty. Pretty interesting! Right?

A typical cat's daily water demand is between 5 and 10 fluid ounces depending upon the weight. Cats can go a maximum of three to four days without water. If cats get dehydrated, just like humans, their urination will become more concentrated to assist their bodies to acclimatize and survive longer. And here comes the worst part! The dehydration, when severe, can be fatal!

But hey, you don’t need to worry! This article will help you out! So, get ready to become the Cat Caretaker Expert!

Make The Cat's Water More Flavorful

Ever thought maybe your cat isn’t like the bland flavor of water? Maybe your little furry animal is as Royal as you are and wants something special! Give it a try! Add ice of reduced salt salmon or broth to your cat's water. The ice will not only keep the water colder for longer, but it will also add taste, and who likes warm drinks anyway? You know the best part; you may buy a fancy Mira Bowl for your cat! It’ll attract your cat for sure as it did for mine. Moreover, it may prove to be the best for old cats with joint problems! Hey, don’t forget to give the ice squares to your cat as a BONUS!

Test Different Water Bowls

Maybe it’s the bowl that is annoying your innocent little animal? What if your cat is not drinking because the bowl is always moving when they are trying to drink from it, causing a disturbance? Why not try changing it before proceeding to some other way? All sorts of pet stuff can be bought from so many great websites. It sure will provide you with the best shopping experience! So, show some love and get ready to be loved by your cute cats.

 Set Drinking Dishes Everyplace

The position, size, and placement all really count. You'd be surprised how hypersensitive many kittens are to the placement of a water bowl. Their life, their Rules!

Just a little unanticipated traffic might be enough to discourage your cat from getting that next sip. What worked out for me was to set up freshwater dishes in different locations of my house. I know it seemed quite messy until I came to know about this great attachable hydration station. It not only helps the cat drink more water but also keeps the environment mess-free.

The results were apparent in no time. My cats became healthier and more energetic. Thanks to this great innovation.

Treating Them When They Drink

One can also train their cats such that whenever they drink water, they are treated with their favorite food. That’s fun, right?

Pairing a small treat with every sip they take might increase their interest; ultimately it could get them encouraged enough to drink at least 5-10 fluid ounces for a 9-pound cat. This trick worked out when the others failed for one of my most resilient cats. Guess what I used to make it drink from! The Supercool Drinking Pot that would not tip over. This proved to be a wonder as it resolved the long-standing untreated acid reflux. It’s a highly recommended tool for sure!

Giving Them Wet Food instead of Dry

If all the above tips and tricks don’t work out with your clever cat, it’s time to take some extreme actions. The best way is to trick your cunning little pet into eating wet food instead of dry. By adding some water to the food, your clever pet can be saved from dehydration. It will help in fulfilling the daily water requirement of the cat.

Try using Anti-skid eating and drinking dish. This FDA-approved superb gadget with its Super attractive design and colors will be your pet’s new Best Friend for sure. This comes with the most up-to-date automated anti-skid food and water bowl as it prevents them from moving around as your pet eats or drinks from it, making it easier and fun for your beloved pet.

Here’s Why It Is Important To Turn Every Stone To Make Your Cat Drink!

A cat might get dehydrated from not drinking plenty of water, peeing more than she consumes, or, in severe cases, puking. If a cat is vomiting a lot, consider the best ways to prevent your cat from vomiting to help your pet. Dehydration can cause kidney illnesses, sunstroke, and diabetes. Your cat is also at an increased danger if she is aged or has hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism.

It depicts how important it is to start getting firmer with the cats and force them to drink more water. If no step is taken now, you may lose your dearest pet. And I’m sure no one can even imagine that painful sight.

BONUS: Here are some signs that can help you know if your cat is dehydrated and needs immediate medical help. You can also get some help from the ultimate guide to knowing if your cat is sick.

Dehydration is highly progressive. It can make one lose a pet within minutes if appropriate intervention is not taken at an appropriate time. You may need to get your cat help from the doctor immediately if you notice any of the signs mentioned below:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Energy depletion
  • Breathing hard
  • Denial of consuming anything
  • Sunken eyes
  • Gums that are sticky and flaky

So, help your little furry animals by buying them the best tools and make them enjoy their life to the fullest. Take good care of their water and food intake. As a cat owner, you should know everything, including how often you should feed a cat even if it asks for more.

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