How Often Should You Feed a Cat Even If It Asks For More!

Cats are moody creatures. You would definitely know if you own a cat. Well, of course, you do! That's why you're here. Another reason is that you care about your cat, and you want it to stay healthy. Isn't that true? I know it is!

Talking about keeping a cat healthy, feeding your cat can be confusing if you don’t know how much you should feed it and how often you should feed it. Let's face it, people's hearts melt extensively whenever their cats make those big adorable eyes and ask for more food.

But that is a TRAP! Do not give in. And here’s is what you need to follow:

Age Always Matters

The age of your cat always matters! Just like us human beings, cats’ diets and their energy requirements change with age and health. And you need to keep track of that no matter what.

Not only is it imperative that you know how much to feed each breed, but you should also know that you cannot give a 2-months old cat the food of a 1-year-old cat. It is OBVIOUS!

Let me explain it to you with a real-life example. When a human baby is born, it cries for milk plenty of times a day. But as it gets older, the meals get bigger and smaller. Luckily, the same is for cats.

When the cat is 1 to 6 months old, you can feed it small meals three times a day with water from an Attachable Water Bottle for ease and dispense food with the Mealtime Pal to get them into the habit. But when these cats get mature, they get used to being fed two times a day. And some even one! Now you know that age matters, but so does the breed and health of your kitty!

Methods Of Feeding Your Cat

When you start to communicate with other cat owners, you will notice that each of them has a different routine. Some will say that they feed dry food three times a day, and some will agree on giving one large meal of canned food.

But what suits you and your cat the most? That’s for you to decide after knowing this:

  • Spend More Time With Your Cat With Free Feeding

Free feeding means that your cat will get small frequent meals all day long. It means that your attitude-goddess/god will get exactly what it wanted but with your supervision.

You just need to know that you will have to keep track of the calorie input so your cat doesn’t overfeed or become obese from that. It is excellent if you are free and would love to spend more time with your cat.

  • Train It To Behave With Scheduled Feeding

Got a busy schedule? Can’t run behind your cat every minute of the day? This method is for you!

If you go to the office or if you have loads of work, it means that you need to fix times for the meals. You need to train your cat a bit, and I’m sure it will behave. After all, what can that absolutely innocent creature ever say to you? (Apart from scratches)

  • Combination Meal (Fine-Dining For Cats)

So you might have this question in your mind: which food is better, canned or dry? How often should you feed a cat wet food?

Just know that both are fine if you are generally talking. Wet foods are easily palatable, and cats can finish them in a jiffy! But dry foods are hardly palatable, and your cat will be busy eating them out.

But you know what’s best? Combination meal! Give your cat a fine-dining experience with a treat combined with both wet and dry meals. It’s best if you are being indecisive!

Feeding Cats Out Of Routine

Now that we have covered the normal routine of cats, what about the poor souls that are facing illnesses? They need extra care! And who will take care if you won’t?

But don’t worry, we love your cats as much as you do and here are a few common situations and the answers to them will surely help you:

1. How Often Should You Feed a Cat With Hyperthyroidism?

Cats with hyperthyroidism face weight loss even with increased meals. What you need to do is serve your cat more frequent meals with increased fat and proteins but low carbs.

2. How Often Should You Feed a Cat With Pancreatitis?

You need to cut down on the large, frequent meals and take care because it may vomit a lot. They need wet and bland food in really small amounts to get back to normal.

3. How Often Should You Feed a Cat With Diabetes?

Cats facing diabetes should only be given food when they are given insulin. Only this will maintain their normal body regulation. And remember, do NOT feed your cat at night.

4. How Often Should You Feed a Cat After Giving Birth?

Your big girl is giving birth! ADORABLE! Now you can have multiple mini-kittens.

But what about your darling mother cat? How much food does she need? And when?

Cats after pregnancy eat a lot! They will eat after every 3 to 4 hours. But just take care to not overfeed it. Plus, you can make things easier for your cat by giving it a PetKit Adjustable bowl that will allow it to eat by laying down calmly as it feeds its babies! Isn’t that wonderful?

Reminder: Feeding Is NOT Equal To Loving!

Here is a thing that you must swear by. FEEDING IS NOT LOVING!

I know when we feel the love rush through our veins, we like to feed them more and give them mini treats. But you need to care for your cat’s diet if you want it to stay healthy.

Want to treat your cat? Give it a Mira Bowl with a matching Mira bottle. These cat feeding accessories will definitely make your cat a thousand times happier! And that is a guarantee. Happy feeding!

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