How to Bathe Your Cat And Survive Scratch-Free

Cats HATE water. This can't be overstated. Often you'll see cats that are scared of water and run away whenever they see water spraying.

But what’s the worst part about this fact? 

Take your cat for a bath! They will screech and run and will try to escape from your arms. In between all this, you'll have scratches all over your body.

Is there a proper way to bathe your cat? Read on to find out how it's done (like a pro!).

How Often Should You Bathe Your Cat?

This is a question worth asking. You may have heard that cats can groom themselves, and IT IS TRUE!

These majestic creatures are well-known for having the perfect grooming routines. But even then, they will need grooming if they are covered in sticky material. And this is essential, especially if you want to prevent ticks and lice.

If your cat is heavily furred or has long fur, they need to be bathed more often. It also applies when the cat is old or has arthritis.

How To Safely Bathe Your Cat

Curious to know how to bathe your cat safely? We have prepared the perfect guide for you, and try not to miss a step. Let’s break it down and get to it!

1.        Make Your Cat Happy And Mellow

Treat your cat with some tasty cat treats or biscuits. Your cat will be wholly cheerful and will love you. And that is a secret to being treated well while bathing them.

2.        Trim The Nails To Prevent Scratches

Never skip this step. I repeat, NEVER skip this step if you want to come out without scratches.

Use Nail Grinder to trim the nails and shape them so that they do not cover your face with scratches. Once the nails are tripped, you will feel relief in the bathing game.

3.        Get Rid Of The Extra Fur That Sheds

Do you bathe your cat without brushing it first? You might think that if you are going to brush it afterward, why before?

Let me tell you the reason why it is essential. If you bathe your cat without brushing it first, you are going to clog your drain with the fur, and it will ruin your sewage system. I’m sure you won’t like that!

Let me give you a tip, try using a Hair Removal Comb to get rid of all the extra fur that sheds. Once you are done with that, you will get comparatively lesser hair in your drain, and it will be much easier to get rid of.

4.        Keep The Bathe Short And Squat

As we have already discussed that cats hate water, this thing is OBVIOUS. If you want your cat to remain cheerful and happy, keep the bath as short as possible.

It will be much easier to deal with your cat, and you can improve your cat bathing experience.

5.        Give Your Cat Extra Support

Your cat will want something to cling on. Why?

When you submerge your cat in water, it will be scared because it loses its grip on the floor. Try giving it a folded towel or a mat to stand on, and it will be calmer than usual.

Can’t get your grip on it? Try it to believe it!

6.        Try Using A Shower To Make The Cat Wet

Do not soak your cat in a bathtub till face. Try showering the cat with a shower, and it will provide some comfort to your cat. Your cat won’t feel like drowning, and you will feel the difference.

Completely damp the fur with warm water and make sure it gets in well in the coat.

7.        Use Cat-Products Only

If you are thinking of using your shampoo on your cat, STOP! Pause, and rethink.

Only use cat-products on your cat. Your cat has a habit of licking its paws, and the shampoo can get inside the cat, which is harmful. The cat shampoos are better and are animal-friendly that do not cause harm. Only use these shampoos to clean the fur.

Another thing that you must know is to ultimately get the shampoo in your fur. Apply the shampoo all over the body of your cat and rub it in. It will clean the hair thoroughly, and you won’t get lice and ticks.

8.        Rinse Well With Luke Warm Water

Don’t’ use cold water on your cat. Not only will it scare the cat, but it will not properly clean the fur. As for the hot water, it will burn your precious cat.

Always use lukewarm water and properly rinse all of the product off. Properly clean the body of the cat, and you will be left with shiny fur.

9.        Clean The Cute Face Of Your Cat

What if the face of your cat is dirty? Don’t be worried as we can surely tell you the solution.

Do not shower the face of the cat with water. Try to gently use a warm towel on the face and put the shampoo on your hand to lather it. And another thing that you must keep track of is to prevent the shampoo from getting into the eyes of the cat.

10. Dry The Fur And Groom It

Now that you have rinsed everything off and you can see the fur shining, dry it properly with a towel. Try to get as much water dried as possible.

Now that you have dried the fur groom the fur of the cat with a brush.

11. Treat It For Being A Good Cat

Guess what? You have won at bathing your cat without getting scratches. Treat your cat with a goodie and put it in a Window Hammock. Your cat will absolutely love being close to nature and will enjoy the pretty view.

And as for you, give yourself a pat on the back as you have successfully bathed your cat without scratches. Now you can easily bath your cat without thinking of it as a headache.

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