The Safest Way to Shave a Cat Without Any Bleeding

Owning a cat brings mixed emotions such as motherhood, responsibility, and of course, constant grooming. Those who possess a deep love for cats of many different breeds understand the importance of shaving their cats.

Do you have a long-haired cat?

Over time, seeing your cat's hair everywhere in your house becomes frustrating. It gives a nasty feeling to many cat owners. Especially to those who own long-haired cat breeds like Siberian, Himalayan, or Maine Coon.

This is the primary reason many owners take their cats to the vet with questions like how to shave a cat with clippers, shave a cat without getting scratched, or shave a cat with matted hairs.

As a result, we have gathered some helpful steps you can use to shave your cats more easily. Below is a quick guide to getting started:

Helpful Steps to Shave Your Cat At Home

You can save the grooming fee of your cat by knowing the detailed steps for shaving the matted hair of your cat. However, if you want to groom your cat at home, there are many tips and procedures that you should perform while shaving your cat.

Some of the essential steps to shave your cat are listed as under:

Prepare All Required Accessories

There are many accessories that you need to trim the hair of your cat. These accessories include the trimming machine, the nail cutter, a hair removal brush, a towel, and a hair clipper. The proper arrangement of the accessories will enable you to shave your cat smoothly.

Note: While collecting the tools, don't you dare pick the razor blade to shave your cat since it can cause injuries.

1. Do Their Nails

The first and most important step when you want to shave your cat is to trim nails. The primary reason behind cutting your cat's nails is to prevent it from being reluctant while you're shaving the body. Not only yours but all cats try to defend themselves when their owners try to shave their matted hair.

2. Hold Their Skin Tightly

The cat skin is usually flexible and highly pliable. The shaving machine or a trimmer can cut the skin right away while you're shaving her. You can even use a harness to hold her tight not to move during the shaving process.

3. Start Shaving From the Top

Your cat contains abundant hair in the anterior region of the body. So whenever you think of shaving your cat’s body, try to start from the top. Make sure to use the shaving machine carefully near the cat’s eyes and ears.

4. Shave the Complete Body

Once you're done with shaving the head of your cat, it's time to shave the body completely. You should hold your cat gently while shaving the rear part of the body. Start shaving from the rear part of the neck and carry on the process towards the tail.

How to Shave a Cat With Clippers?

Vets are always full of cat owners wondering how to shave a cat without getting scratched or how to shave a cat with clippers? Well, the process is pretty simple. You can perform it at your house. But the essential steps when you're shaving your cat with clippers are:

Step 1: Trim the Tip of Claws

    The first step when shaving a cat with clippers is to trim the tip of the claws. It is also an essential step of the grooming process of your fluffy kitty.

    Step 2: Keep the Cat Treat 

      Another pro-tip to shave the body of a cat is to have the treats right beside you. Serve your cat some treats during the shaving process so that she stays calm throughout the whole process.

      Step 3: Test the Noise of the Clipper

        Before using clippers to shave the cat, make sure to test the noise of clippers around the cats. It's usually done to check whether your cat panics or not.

        Step 4: Use Clippers

          Now when you've checked everything, use clippers through the cat’s dry body to shave the hairs. Always try to keep another person beside you to handle your cat.

          Once you're done with shaving, it's better to use a hair removal comb to remove the excess hair from the cat's body.

          How to Shave a Cat with Matted Hairs?

          If you have a long-haired cat, there are many chances that hair will get matted. And that becomes pretty frustrating to have a matted hair cat. It is why people are anxious to know how to shave a cat with mats or how to shave a cat with fleas.

          Wait, here is something you don't know!

          Keeping your cat away from fleas is possible only when you keep your hair clean. The formation of mats in your cat's hair is the main reason fleas are present in your cat. That's why electric clippers are primarily used to remove the mats that are close to the skin.

          Regardless of the steps, ultimate care is required to shave the hair of large mats from your cats. However, the basic steps of shaving matted cats are listed as under:

          • Attach the Clipping Guard

            The first step while shaving your cat is to attach the clipping guard with the electric clipper. Don't even dare to use the clipper without any plastic guard since it can damage your cat's skin.

            • Introduce the Electric Clipper

              Mats can also be removed with the help of electric clippers. So try to familiarize your cat with the clippers. Use these tools only when your pet is comfortable with their use.

              • Hold Your Cat Firmly

                Cats having long hair are mainly reluctant to let their owners shave their bodies. Thus, always try to ask a second person to have a tight grip on your cat. Prevent your cat from biting or scratching during the shaving.

                • Find the Mat and Shave It

                  Not all the hair of the cat gets matted. Only a few areas in the fur of the cat get matted. Thus, whenever using a clipper, locate the mats in the coat of your cat. Remove the mat with the help of electric clippers.

                  No Extra Hair, Happy Cat!

                  After knowing all the steps to shave your cat safely and harmlessly, don't wait further to remove hair. Make your cat the happiest by removing the unnecessary hair from its body.

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