Why Does My Cat Bite My Feet? What I Found Out Was Shocking

Even though we love and understand our pets, there are times when their actions leave us scratching our heads. That's right, isn't it?

No matter how hard we try to understand the situation, they may do the strangest things. And guess what? In that context, your cat biting your feet and toes makes perfect sense. Aren't you of the same opinion?

So why does your cat bite your feet? Does it hate you? NEVER! Here are the justified reasons your cat is behaving this way:

1. Your Kitty Just Wants To Play

This is one of the top-most reasons your cat will bite your feet. But why?

Well, first of all, your feet are the most easily accessible thing that they find. They are on the ground, are weirdly shaped, and they are just…there!

They will often jump onto your feet and bite them. But what do they get out of that? Your reaction! They only do that to get your response or as a way to spend the excess energy they have by doing weird things. After all, cats are passionate and fanatic animals.

2. Natural Feline Instinct: Hunt!

What do all feline animals do best? Hunt! Even after decades and centuries of domesticating and all that taming, they will never abort their natural instinct of hunting.

But what kind of hunting satisfaction do they get from your feet? Your feet are accessible, as it is already mentioned. But what’s more, is that they are always moving. Sometimes when you are constantly moving, the cat might get attracted to the moving feet as they are known to find movement amusing.

Another culprit is your fuzzy socks! If you are wearing fuzzy socks, your cat is not to blame! It is more than evident that they might mistake it as prey! It is funny, yet so true!

3. Being Bored Is Boring!

Here is a question: When do you get bored? Let me state the obvious answer. It is when you have absolutely nothing to do or when nothing grasps your attention. The same is with your cat!

I know it is impossible to spend every second of the day with your cat, but your furry friend has to do something, right? And when they find nothing to do, they will probably end up nibbling your toe.

It isn’t weird, and it isn’t a form of anger. It is just its way to pass the time. You would probably scream, yell, laugh, or react in some sort of way, and your cat will surely enjoy it.

4. “I Want Attention”

Pets ask for attention in different ways. Some dogs will do circles around you to get your attention, and some cats will bounce on you to get your attention. And so is the method of biting a valid attention-seeking act.

When they bite your foot, it is now your duty to find out what they want. Try figuring out what is happening to it. It might be hungry and want you to give it food and a little treat. And, this can be perfectly done with Mealtime Pal.

If that’s not it, it might want you to play with it or just give it attention. A minor stroke on the back, a good massage on the fur, or just some quality time will do just well.

5. It Loves You; Simple.

Who says that love doesn’t come in different shapes and sizes? Love is unique, and even the animals have different ways of expressing it.

Your cat might fight with you, act weird, and might run away instantly after playing, but it doesn’t change the fact that it absolutely adores you! And even when it is not curled up in your lap, it can bite your feet to show affection.

The science behind it? When the mother cats show affection to their cubs, they give them a little bit, making them feel all protected. So when your cat bites you, and it doesn’t have a reason, it is just its way of telling you I love you, human!

6. Excessive Biting= Medical Issues

All that soft nibbling is justified. But what’s not justified is excessive biting into the flesh that might cause you to bleed. It is a sign that your cat is not normal at the moment.

There are different reasons for this wild behavior. It might be ready to mate, or it may be sick. Get your cat checked up by the nearest vet and find out the problem behind it!

How To Stop Your Cat From Biting Your Feet?

I know it's not always pleasurable to get your feet bitten by your kitten. You can avoid that situation with these tips:

  • Do Not Give It A Reaction

Why do they bite? To get your reaction. What you should do is to stop reacting. Don’t look at it, do not respond, and just go on your merry ways. Your cat will know that it's no use and will stop doing it.

  • Never Pull Away

When you pull your feet away from your cat, it will tug at it more or might even attack more vigorously as it is exactly what the prey does. Instead, push your foot towards your cat, and it will leave it ASAP as it is not what their hunt normally does.

  • Divert Its Attention

It is obvious that it is asking for something. Spend some time with your cat and give it what it wants. Only after a few minutes will it be satisfied. Moreover, you could snap your fingers or clap to divert your buddy’s attention.

  • Toys Will Help

Your cat is bored! You should have a few interesting toys around the house to keep the cat distracted while you work. Moreover, if it starts biting your toe, just throw a toy across the room, and it will start chasing it.

  • A Straight ‘No’!

Another thing that may tell the cat to stop is to literally tell the cat to stop. The best way to do that is by bending or sitting down, snapping your fingers, and when she pays attention, firmly say no!

  • Don’t Be Angry At That Adorable Fella.

Last but not least, do NOT be angry with it. It will activate its flight or fight response, and you will have a hard time taming it. Just a soft and constant reminder will be enough. After all, it is your cat, and it loves you a lot!

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