Our Commitment

Who We Are
Mirapets is an up and coming pet supply brand. Our team is filled with loving, kind, and incredibly passionate pet parents. We love our fur babies, just as much as they love us and are fortunate enough to experience the immense joy that comes from bonding with them day, after day. This joy is the reason why we are dedicated to making sure you and your fur babies feel appreciated, while having an unmatched experience. Our main goal is to spread the joy of pets.
100% Secure
Online security is of the utmost importance to the Mirapets team. This is why our store is PCI DSS compliant. This means we meet all 6 categories of PCI compliance:
1. Maintain a secure network
2. Protect cardholder data
3. Maintain a vulnerability management program
4. Implement strong access control measures
5. Regularly monitor and test networks
6. Maintain an information security policy
In addition to meeting PCI DSS compliance we use PayPal as one of our many trusted payment providers.
Highest Quality Products
Our goal for pet parents is to provide supplies that compliment your fur babies journey through life. We want to help them flourish and enjoy life to the fullest! This would obviously not be possible if we were to invest in creating lackluster pieces. We can assure you that the items you get from us will be of the highest quality and taste. We only work with reputable suppliers to deliver you the best possible experience and provide reliable products. All products are responsibly sourced. Our suppliers are located in the United States and China. 
Simple Returns
In the rare case that a member of our clientele wants to return an item, there are ZERO headaches in the process. Your satisfaction is our highest priority at all times. If within 30 days of receiving your item(s) you no longer feel that it adds to your style in the way you imagined it would, simply contact us.