3-in-1 Double Sided Brush - Mirapets
3-in-1 Double Sided Brush - Mirapets
3-in-1 Double Sided Brush - Mirapets
3-in-1 Double Sided Brush - Mirapets

3-in-1 Double Sided Brush

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You have a pet, but you don't like the shedding hair that comes with it. You've tried using different brushes to remove loose hair and dead hair, but they never work for you!

 Imagine having one brush that can do all of your grooming needs. With this 3-in-1 double-sided brush, there is no need to spend money on multiple brushes. The de-shedding comb removes loose hair while the bristle brush eliminates tangles and knots in fur. The pin brush massages your pet's skin while removing dirt and dander from their coat. And finally, the bath brush makes bathing easy by gently exfoliating and cleaning your pet's skin without damaging it or irritating them with chemicals found in

 The 3-in-1 Double-Sided Pet Brush is an innovative new product that will save money on grooming supplies and help reduce shedding by up to 90% while stimulating blood circulation at the same time.

The bristles on the different heads are not sharp. They are rounded to give your pets a comfortable experience without injuring them. 

What Sets it Apart?

BPA Free, eco-friendly, and durable.

Interchangeable heads for quick adjustments when to take care of any scenario.

Compact to tremendously reduce clutter.

Safely groom your pets without hurting them.

Made to last from high-quality ABS plastic, Stainless Steel. 


Your pet's safety comes first. When using the de-shedding comb on the backside of the brush, please use it with caution. Carefully read instructions before grooming pets.


Application: Cats and Dogs
Material: ABS, TPR, PP wool, stainless steel
Height: 230mm
Width: 69mm


Find out how you can massage your dog more effectively by using a three-in-one double-sided brush


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