Mealtime Pal - Mirapets
Mealtime Pal - Mirapets
Mealtime Pal - Mirapets
Mealtime Pal - Mirapets
Mealtime Pal - Mirapets

Advanced Mealtime Pal

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Are you a pet owner who is always on the go?

We know how hard it can be to leave your pets at home alone for long periods of time. That’s where adorable Mealtime Pal comes in handy. An automatic feeder that dispenses meals 4 times a day during the time you set. Simply fill it up with small pellets of dry food, customize your settings and let them watch as it does the work for you! You can even adjust how often they are fed based on their diet.

The Mealtime Pal is perfect for anyone who wants convenience when leaving their furry friends at home alone. It’s also great if you have multiple animals or want to give them different feeding schedules!  This is the perfect solution for any animal lover who wants nothing more than for their pet's needs to be met. The storage area prevents debris, bugs, and other contaminants from entering and delivers a fresh meal every time! Your furry friend will thank us later - it's truly adorable how much they love this product!

With this device, there will never be another late-night trip to get more kibble because our pal has got your back 24/7!


We recommend placing the Advanced Mealtime Pal on a surface that is 4 to 6 centimeters off the ground. Learn more

         Built-in Smart Infrared Sensor

  • Our Mealtime Pal has a built-in smart infrared sensor, when the bowl fills up to a certain amount, the Mealtime Pal will stop automatically, preventing food from overflowing. 

  Awesome Voice Recorder

  • This feeder also features a voice recorder. Allowing you the ability to record a 10-second snippet of your voice, so it will call your pet to come and enjoy their meal time with your voice, eliminate the loneliness of your pets even you're not around.

         Enjoy Customizable Settings

  • Our feeder is loaded with features and customizable settings to fit the needs of your furry friends. Set it once and you're done! You can schedule mealtimes, how often they will be fed, how much food they will receive per meal, and more. If the power ever cuts out, our feeder will go back to the last parameters you set. 

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