Mira Bowl - Mirapets
Mira Bowl - Mirapets
Mira Bowl - Mirapets
Mira Bowl - Mirapets

Mira Bowl

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7 Reasons Veterinarians Recommend

Elevated Bowls For Your Pets


1. Safeguards against vomiting and acid reflux.

2. Improves digestion by leveraging gravity to bring food down.

3. Slows down quick eaters slightly.                                                                     

4. Improves hygiene for messy eaters.                                                              

5. Reduces strain on the neck and pain for cats with arthritis.                                   

6. Prevents bugs from crawling into the feeder.                                                

7. Increases comfort when feeding, especially for older cats with stiff joints. 


Perfect For: Cats & Dogs

Type: Double

Shape: Rounded

Length: 16cm

Width: 28.5cm


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